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Living with IC: How to talk to friends & family

There are millions of people across the world suffering from Interstitial Cystitis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, and other pelvic area related conditions. For many, hope is fading fast as their doctors do not have the answers, and they are unable to network with others who are finding success in reducing their symptoms.

Other IC groups are either 1) Western Medicine focused, where they continue to promote prescriptions and surgery or 2) A place to vent your anger having this affliction.

The IC Healer community is very different. Our community is a positive nurturing group focused on non-surgical/prescription alternatives to healing. Many people in the group are either in remission or are on the path towards remission. It is possible.

The IC Healer community is a private, exclusive group for those who desire to be positive and hopeful while they continue to search for answers and connect with others looking to do the same.

Why people love our


  • Community Learning: find out what is working for others
  • Emotional Support: members lean on each other
  • Keep it Private: our exclusive community ensures privacy
  • Q&A Sessions: get access to monthly live webinars
  • Committed people: interact with others working to put their IC into remission
  • Guest experts: hear from top talent in the health field
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Group Support

with other members.
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Guest Experts

from IC Healer.

If this is you, our community

can help!

  • Your friends & family don’t understand your condition.
  • You want to connect with others who are currently in remission.
  • You are tired of negative groups that are more about venting that findiong solutions.
  • You welcome guest experts who may be able to help improve your condition.
  • You crave a positive environment focused on improving the quality of your life.