Probiotics for your Immune System

Probiotics can enhance your immune system! The intestine is considered a key target organ to improve the quality of life in senescence, which can be modulated with a healthy lifestyle with a customized diet including probiotics. Probiotics are demonstrating immunomodulating properties that can alleviate the proinflammatory status of the elderly.  “The preservation of gut barrier [...]

Laugh away your IC Pain!

I made a client laugh once and she said: “I feel better already!”  I found a study conducted in 2010 that examined the effectiveness of humor therapy in relieving chronic pain, enhancing the quality of life and reducing loneliness among older persons with chronic pain.  In this study, older persons in a nursing home participated [...]

IC and Histamine

I have been very interested in histamine and histamine intolerance from the time I was first diagnosed with IC and noticed that allergy medications helped me during flare-ups.  It is well known that there is an involvement of mast cells and cystitis related pain. “Interstitial cystitis has been found in combination with some allergic or [...]