Investigate Your

Root Cause

Investigate Your

Root Cause
Signs you are ready to find
Your Root Cause:
  • Your bladder and urinary troubles are constantly on your mind.
  • Your life revolves around the bathroom.
  • Your intimacy is non-existent.
  • You are frustrated that your doctors have no answers.
  • You have a counter full of supplements that don’t work.
If this is you…
We can help!

If you have Interstitial Cystitis, then you probably have a counter full of supplements that don’t work, doctors that don’t have answers, unpredictable flare-ups, a dwindling food list that you can safely eat, your life revolves around the bathroom, intimacy is near non-existent and you feel like your life is spiraling out of control. This is the sad reality for people with this condition. But, despite your situation, please know that your body can heal itself naturally without prescriptions or surgery. 

Our clinic has been proving this for years. If you can identify your root cause, then you can begin to reverse your condition. Finding your Root Cause is what we do best. 

IC Healer is pleased to announce our exciting new Root Cause Investigation program, which offers you the chance to discover your Root Cause and get on a healing path. 

Our clinic uses a science-based approach that factors in your health history, diet, and symptoms with your lab results to uncover your unique Root Cause. 

You will be given a detailed report on our findings backed by science and a natural protocol that will help you reverse your condition. If you desire to live a life free from the pain and suffering from IC, you must find out your Root Cause before you can start the healing process. This program is your first big step towards reversing your condition. 

Your root cause is unique to you.  Stop looking for cookie-cutter healing programs that don’t work and continue to perpetuate your symptoms.  Investigating your root cause is the single best thing you can do to begin your healing journey.

Our Program Features

  • Science Based Investigation: Comprehensive review of your lab tests based on scientific data that is unique to you an only you.
  • Private Consults: Live video video consults with Dr. Mandy where you can privately discuss your health concerns, lab findings, root cause, and protocols in the comfort of your own home.
  • Lab Analysis: Full lab reports on every lab you run that includes an evidenced based review of the findings from the lens of someone who also has IC herself and has put herself to remission.
  • Full Health Review intake Process: A thorough intake process is at the heart of every great functionally based health program. The findings of your intake are used to clinically correlate the findings of the labs so that you can receive a detailed analysis of your root cause.
  • Surveys and Questionnaires; As part of your health intake journey. These include: Timeline based on the Institute of Functional Medicine; Medical Symptom Questionnaire: An Environmental Survey; Histamine intolerance and mast cell questionnaire; a full dietary record and analysis, a Nutrition focused physical exam; a readiness questionnaire and so much more. No stone will be left unturned in this program.
  • Healing Protocol: Customized strategy report for your healing journey that is individual to you, and includes the findings from your health intake, surveys and labs and their findings.
  • Educational Content: Free access to IC Healer “IC Healer Self Healing Course” so you can understand how conditions IC develops in the body, and how the Root Causes occur in “layers”
  • Dispensary access: Access to discounted supplements you can use for your healing protocols. Dispensary access is only given to patients of Dr. Mandy.
Are you ready to find
Your Root Cause?
  • You are tired of living with IC and are ready to live the life you deserve
  • You are ready to get off prescriptions and get on a more natural healing path.
  • You are ready to learn from an IC expert who has also put her IC to remission, as well as helped many of her patients.
  • Supplements and special diets haven’t worked, and you are ready to try something that has proven methods that actually work.
  • You are ready to drastically improve morale, invigorate your relationships, and have hope that you can finally put this terrible condition to bed once and for all.


It is time to work with an expert. Someone who understands IC and is skilled in investigating your ROOT CAUSE.

Investigate your Root Cause today
Our packages start at $500 (payment plans available)

Please note we do not accept any insurance plans at this time