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Our transformative Group Coaching Program, End Chronic Pain, guides you toward a life free from discomfort. By leveraging expert insights and actionable strategies, we provide the knowledge you need to alleviate chronic pain, enhancing your overall well-being and quality of life.

Top Reasons to Join Our Group Coaching Program

What You'll Discover Inside

Top Reasons to Join Our Group Coaching Program

"Working with Dr. Mandy for my bladder and other health issues was the best thing I did for myself. She understands IC/BPS and the intricacies of it. Other doctors have failed to help me, merely by giving me medication to mask my symptoms. Dr. Mandy found my root cause and helped put me in remission. She has given my life back!"

Marilen F.

"I am fortunate to have spoken to Monique over the last few months. She has always had many good suggestions for me regarding both food and supplements that did indeed support me during these challenging times in pursuing my health goals. She offered me suggestions about best food practices and appropriate supplements. I really learned so much from Monique and am grateful to have had the opportunity to have her help me."

Jennifer A.

"Dr. Mandy was a huge blessing for me at a time where I needed it most. I am deeply grateful for all the support she gave me such as helping me identify the right tests to take, being so thorough in her analysis of the results, and helping me create the right diet for me. She was a real partner and genuinely, a godsend."

Jake B.

"I started having consultations with Monique Attinger, the Low Ox Coach. She is an oxalate and nutrition expert and moderator of the Trying Low Oxalate Facebook Group. I wish I would have had sessions with Monique from day 1. She is extremely knowledgeable on this complicated issue. She helped me navigate through a lot of anxiety I was having regarding food and eating out !"


"Unlike other doctors I have worked with, Mandy understood IC/BPS and all of the conditions associated with it. Other doctors would be aware of some of these things, but they don't know IC like Mandy does. Her knowledge is impressive and comforting as a client. She is far more knowledgeable than anyone I have every worked with. If you are ready to take control of your health then work with IC Healer and you will see amazing progress."

Sarah. G

"Monique is a real expert at oxalate content in foods, at helpful supplements to manage the oxalate dumping process, and her recipes are tailored and varied for so many types of eaters that getting new recipes from her made me excited about what I COULD eat!"


Meet Dr. Mandy

Founder of IC Healer​

Dr. Mandy is the visionary behind IC Healer, holding prestigious credentials such as DCN, CNS, CCN, and FDN-P. With a deep personal connection to her work, originating from her own battle with IC and Bladder Pain Syndrome, Dr. Mandy embarked on a mission 14 years ago to uncover the root causes of bladder pain. Her journey not only led to her remission but also fueled her passion for helping others. By leveraging her advanced education and personal experience, she assists clients in identifying their health issues' root causes, offering them a path to reclaim their lives.


Meet Monique Attinger

The Low Ox Coach

Monique Attinger, founder of Low Ox Coach, brings a diverse educational background, including a B.A., a Master's in Library and Information Science, and certification in Holistic Nutrition, to her role. Her personal health journey began 15 years ago with her daughter's diagnosis of an oxalate issue, leading to her own unexpected health improvements upon adopting a low oxalate diet. These experiences inspired her to retrain as a nutritionist. Today, she passionately helps others improve their health by reducing oxalate intake, using her knowledge and personal experience.

New Approach to Healing Chronic Pain

Conventional medicine often overlooks the underlying causes of chronic pain, focusing more on symptom management than true healing. "End Chronic Pain" challenges this approach by delving into holistic and integrative methods aimed at addressing the root causes of pain. This program empowers individuals to explore and implement lifestyle and dietary changes, alongside mind-body practices, fostering a path to sustainable recovery and a higher quality of life.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

The "End Chronic Pain" program equips participants with the knowledge to understand their bodies better and the causes of their pain. By educating on nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and holistic practices, it empowers individuals to take control of their health, guiding them towards making informed decisions that support pain relief and overall well-being.

Your Journey Starts Here

Your journey starts here! Embrace the path to a pain-free life with the "End Chronic Pain" program. Discover the power of holistic healing and take the first step towards reclaiming your health. Click here to begin your transformation.

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• Discover holistic and integrative approaches to address the root causes of your chronic pain.

• Anyone suffering from chronic pain who believes their diet and lifestyle may be contributing factors.

Focuses on holistic healing, emphasizing dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and mind-body techniques.

A transformative 4-week journey with group coaching sessions.

Yes, understanding and adjusting your intake of oxalates, histamines, and salicylates can significantly affect your pain levels.

The program is designed to guide participants of all levels through the process of making impactful changes.

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