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“Four months into my IC/BPS journey I found Mandy. She has helped me so much with information and being there to answer all my questions. She has clinical and academic knowledge, and is not afraid to learn and research when she is not sure of something. Mandy also has IC and is very understanding and sympathetic. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her knowledge and guidance! To be pain-free is a wonderful thing!”

Sami M.

“Mandy was able to help me so much. I did not have much knowledge about the root cause of IC. I am able to have a much better quality of life. I feel so much better taking the right supplements and following the right diet. I highly recommend Mandy to  those who are looking for someone knowledgable to guide them to improve their bladder condition.”

Mayte T.

“Finding Dr. Mandy was an answer to my prayers. I came to her in complete despair and hopelessness after getting a diagnosis and being told by the urologist that Dr’s don’t know what causes IC and there’s no cure for it. When I found Dr. Mandy I was scared, depressed, and really skeptical, but I immediately noticed she knew what she was talking about. She was honest and compassionate which was so refreshing after being passed around to different Dr’s for a few years. I also really appreciate the transparency about healing timelines, protocols, and even prices.
I immediately started implementing the diet changes and noticed it was actually working. I highly recommend Dr. Mandy whether you have IC or any other condition.”