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“Meeting Mandy to figure out my bladder and other health issues was the best thing I did for myself. She understands IC/BPS and the intricacies of it. Other doctors I have been to have failed to help me, merely giving me medication to mask my symptoms. Mandy helped me find my root cause and helped coach me in remission. She have given my life back!”

Marilen F.

“Unlike other doctors I have worked with, Mandy understood IC/PBS and all of the conditions that are associated with it. Other doctors would be aware of some of these things, but they don’t know IC like Mandy does. Her knowledge is impressive and comforting as a patient. She is far more knowledgeable than anyone I have ever met. If you are ready to take control of your health then you truly need to meet Mandy!”

Sarah H.

“Mandy has been nothing short of a blessing for me! When I came to Mandy, I was dealing with bladder pain, urethral burning, frequent UTI’ss and constant flares ups after eating. Mandy’s coaching helped me figure out how to put my symptoms to remission. Mandy can help you figure out how to reduce your pain to have a better quality of life.”

Niki V.