Root Cause Investigation EBOOK

Are you tired of IC taking over your life?

The source of your problem is your Root Cause.

If you identify your Root Cause, your body can heal.

Hello. I am Dr. Mandy LaGreca DCN, CNS, CCN, FDN-P. 

I created the ROOT CAUSE INVESTIGATION to help you investigate YOUR ROOT CAUSE so you can reduce your symptoms and return to the quality of life you desire.

In this Ebook, you will learn about some of the top root causes of chronic bladder pain.

When you investigate your root cause, it allows you to start on a healing journey that is unique to you!

The Root Cause Investigation will help you:

-Investigate your root cause

-Find scientific answers about your condition

-Identify some of the main driving forces behind your symptoms.

-Get started on a self-healing protocol that you can follow to address your potential root causes.

-Stop chasing supplements that don’t work, stop seeking amateur advice, and stop trying to diet your way out of the IC condition.

You deserve scientific answers!  

Start today by downloading your free guide.

“Meeting Mandy to figure out my bladder and other health issues was the best thing I did for myself.  She understands IC/BPS and the intricacies of it. Other doctors have failed to help me, merely by giving me medication to mask my symptoms. Mandy helped me find my root cause and helped coach me in remission.  She have given my life back!” 

Marilen F. 

“For 6 years, I felt the CONSTANT urethral urge to urinate.  Going from doctor to doctor, all that was handed to me were pills and invasive procedures.  Within ONE month, I for the first time in 6 years felt RELIEF. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet Mandy, she honestly given me my life back”

Amanda C. 

” Mandy was a huge blessing for me at a time where I needed it most.  I am deeply grateful for all the support she gave me such as helping me identify the right tests to ask my doctor to take, being so thorough in her coaching and support. She was a real partner and genuinely, a godsend”

Jake B.