associated CHRONIC PAIN


Does this sound familiar?

You have chronic kidney stones

You have joint and muscle pain

You suffer from fibromyalgia or other unexplained chronic pain

You have hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's

You are tired of chasing symptoms and want to get to the root cause of your issues.

You have digestive issues, leaky gut, gas and bloating

You have frequent urination, cloudy urine, chronic UTI's painful urination, or painful bowel movements

You have chronic allergies, asthma or skin rashes or itchy

You are suffering from fatigue and brain fog?

If this is you, our online course

can help!

The Chronic Pain course is designed for people who are hungry to learn more about their condition and who desire to find their true root cause. This course will guide you to pinpoint your root cause through evidence-based information while giving you real solutions to reduce your pain and that has been holding you back from leading a better life.

This course isn’t a bunch of complex science. 

Mandy and Monique explain everything with a very easy-to understand approach. They understand your pain because they have oxalate toxicity as well, but they are both now in remission. You can get into remission too, the first step is find out your root cause with the help of this course!

Why people love our program:

Science-based: “I finally learned why nothing has been working when I identified my root cause”.

Logical: “I was able to identify my condition with other health conditions I had, and how my pain was related to other issues I have in my body”.

Step-by-step: “The course outlines a step-by-step approach on what things to do to identify my root cause and start taking action to heal from them”.

Simplified science: “Mandy and Monique explain the science in a way that is simple without too much complex science that everyone can understand”.

Tools for healing: “The course is fully equipped with everything you need to heal: from tests to run and what the results mean, diets to follow, supplements to take and even lifestyle measures such as exercise and stress management”.

Balanced: “The course is a good balance of natural remedies as well as even some traditional therapies to allow the patient to make the best informed decisions for their self-healing”.

  • Introduction to Inflammation
  • Introduction to Oxalates
  • Inflammation Feedback Loop
  • What foods are inflammatory?
  • Tips to reduce inflammation
Module 2 - GUT HEALTH

  • Brief crash course on your digestive system
  • Intro to your gut immune system
  • Dysbiosis & Leaky Gut-what is it and what can you do about it?
  • Natural remedies for leaky gut- what helps gut lining can help bladder
  • Prebiotics, probiotics and other leaky gut support
  • Best diet for gut health

  • Reducing Oxalate Strategy
  • Managing Dumping and Symptoms
  • Histamines
  • Histamine vs. Oxalate
  • Salicylates
  • What are Mast cells? 
  • Mast cells and Oxalates
  • Mast cell and YOUR bladder
  • MCAD vs. MCAS
  • Testing for Mast cell activation
  • Treatment for Mast cells/histamines
  • Low Histamine Diet
  • Tips to Reduce Histamine
  • Lots of low oxalate recipes and food lists
Module 4 - DETOX
  • How Toxic are we?
  • Benefits of Detox
  • Basics of Detox
  • 3 Prong Detox approach
  • Supplements for a Safe Detox
  • What are Mycotoxins?
  • Diseases of Mold Illness
  • Symptoms of Mold Illness
  • Testing for Mold/Mycotoxins
  • Heavy Metals
  • BONUS! – Comprehensive 28-day detox program
  • Low ox/low histamine recipe and food lists

  • What are salicylates
  • What are common symptoms of salicylate sensitivity
  • What foods are high in salicylate
  • Oxalate-salicylate connection
  • How to test for salicylate
  • Low oxalate, histamine and salicylate diet

Start your healing journey today

Drastically reduce your symptoms.
Clear answers.
Simple solutions.
Discover freedom.
Healing roadmap.
Tons of recipes
Food lists
Self paced


Start your healing journey today

Drastically reduce your symptoms.
Clear answers.
Simple solutions.
Discover freedom.
IC Healing roadmap.
2 months of content.

After this course,

 You will be able to:

 “The first step towards healing is to find your root cause.”

Identify your root cause.

Learn how to self-treat based on your symptoms.

Discover how to shorten your healing path.

Find out the most effective supplements.

Tell your friends and family about your condition.


The best diet for your condition.

Natural home remedies to reduce pain.

What to expect after taking this course.


Understand why you suffer from chronic pain and how it occurs in a way your doctor never explained.

No longer confused about what may be causing your chronic pain root cause.

Understand what oxalates are and how it causes pain in a way your doctor never explained.

Learn why the popular diets never worked for you!

Learn what foods to eat and what to avoid.

Learn how inflammation is the single most contributor to your pain and how to quench it fast!

Learn about how your immune system is tied to your pain, and how the foods you eat can affect your pain.

Deep dive into mast cell activation, and how to find out if you have MCAS or MCAD and what to do about it.

Identify what nutrient imbalances are tied to your pain and what supplements are best for replenishing them.

Learn about how mindset, stress and trauma are contributing to your condition and how to reverse the effects that they have on your body.

You can go from this problem…

To this outcome…

None of the diets have helped you.

You are overwhelmed by information overload.

You don’t know what labs to run to find your root cause.

You are choking down way too many supplements that don’t help.

Finally found a diet that helps you feel your best.

You are empowered with the information you need to drastically reduce your symptoms.

You are able to the run the RIGHT labs that help you find YOUR root cause.

You are only taking supplements you REALLY need.

Finally get the right answers

and results you want.

Sprout into the best version of yourself

with our help.

Drastically reduce your symptoms

and feel the best you ever have

End your chronic pain for GOOD!

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