1-on-1 Coaching

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1-on-1 Coaching is

results focused.

Working With Us

Individual coaching is designed for people who want the fastest route to recovery. Dr. Mandy will work directly with you to investigate the root cause of your IC, and create a personalized protocol for you while you are on the healing path.

This is a six-month coaching program that will entail scientific lab testing to reveal your root cause, an individualized diet and supplement regimen, monthly meetings with Dr. Mandy and monthly group calls exclusively for our patients. This program will also help you reduce your flare-ups, expose the secrets to living a UTI free lifestyle, and detail how to have pain free intimacy. If you desire to live a life free from the pain and suffering from IC, then working with Dr. Mandy directly is your best option.

Why people love our


  • Guided Healing: six-month healing journey
  • Keep it private: patients only group ensures privacy
  • Live video sessions: get answers to all your questions
  • Peer coaching: learn from other group members
  • Emotional support: groups provide comfort and support
  • Full IC Course: access to our 12 week ever-green IC Course

If this is you, 1-on-1 coaching

can help!

  • You are tired of living with IC
  • Prescriptions are not making you better.
  • You are ready to learn from an IC expert.
  • Supplements and special diets haven’t worked.
  • Your condition is only getting worse.
  • Facebook advice is not helping.

What is included:

  • Individualized Diet and Supplement Regimen
  • Full Lab Reports on all lab tests ordered
  • Full 12 Module IC Course (includes over 10 hours of video)
  • Four 1-hour calls with Dr. Mandy
  • Monthly 1-hour group calls
  • Patient Portal for storing lab results, protocols, and more
  • Discounted supplements on Full Script (25% off all products)
  • Food log which will be monitored
  • Exclusive access to our private patient group
  • Symptoms and Quality of Life will be monitored and graphed on a regular basis
  • Welcome package with a free bottle of silver
  • Option to book consults with Mandy at 50% off her rate (just $150)

Yes, this is a 6-month program designed to help accelerate your healing timeline. The full six months are required in order to reduce your symptoms so you can see the 87% symptom reduction like our other patients have.

Yes. In this program each patient will receive four individual video calls with Dr. Mandy plus 6 group video calls. Our group calls will occur once every month, while your video calls with Dr. Mandy will be based off your own health needs and timeline.

Since Labs are owned by other companies, they are always in addition to the 6 month IC Healer program investment. However, you will be pleased to know that you will get our wholesale cost on all labs that you order. Most patients run from 1-3 labs with the average lab investment cost being around $500.

Yes. We are including our evergreen IC Healing course, which is a 12 week course designed to help you discover your root cause and also give you tremendous insight about your condition. Patients have all said the course was extremely helpful. This course normally retails for $495 but it is included in this program for free!

If you are interested in our 6 month healing program, you must sign up for a consult with us first to see if we can accept you as a patient. Here is the booking link to book your initial consult with us to find out more about our program: https://ichealer.com/booking/