Does this sound familiar?

You feel like you are always sick.

You are afraid to leave your house for fearing of "catching something".

You feel like your Immune system is compromised.

You are taking many medications for various conditions.

You struggle to maintain your weight no matter how much you eat.

You feel inflamed.

You are constantly sanitizing and cleaning to prevent getting sick.

You are ready to finally rescue your immune system so you can have a better quality of life.

You are tired of living in constant fear.

If this is you, VIVA IMMUNE

can help!

The Viva Immune challenge is designed for people who are ready to stop living in fear by optimizing their own immune system through evidence based strategies that really work! This program will challenge you to make the necessary lifestyle changes you need to optimize your immune system through interventions that are sensible and effective. With the full support from Dr. Mandy and her expertise in the immune system, you will be guided through a fun, educational and challenging experience that will leave you feeling empowered and informed.

This program isn’t a bunch of complex science.

Dr. Mandy explains everything with a very easy-to-understand approach. She understands your struggle, because she has an immune-mediated condition herself(IC/BPS) and is now in remission. She struggled with her immune system and has been able to get it to work the way it should. In fact, her immune system is better than it was when she was 20!

Why people love our program:

Evidence-based: “Dr. Mandy only uses peer reviewed resources for her information and recommendations. Mandy is a true scientist in her methods”.

Logical: “Dr. Mandy is able to explain things in a manner that makes sense. She is able to break down complex science in a way that even a 5th grader can understand.”

Step-by-step: “Dr. Mandy uses a methodical approach in her teaching, by first educating on the physiology of the immune system, then explaining how things go wrong, and finally bringing in diet and supplements, Without the why, I wouldn’t feel motivated to stay committed.”

Motivation and support: “Dr. Mandy is a true support system. She is able to clarify when things are confusing and is there as a cheerleader. She is a great role model herself, she truly practices what she preaches, and it shows!”

Balanced: “Dr. Mandy’s programs are fully equipped with the right balance of education, motivational challenges, handouts, evidence and coaching that people need to succeed on any major lifestyle interventions.”



This first week, you will learn about inflammation and how it can wreck your immune system! You will learn about some of the common causes of inflammation, what foods promote inflammation and what methods best quench it. During the week, you will get the opportunity to jump start your immune system with a diet challenge aimed at destroying excess inflammation in your body! Ready, set, go…..the Challenge is on!


Did you know your gut houses about 70% of your immune system? During this week, you will be introduced to this very important concept! You will learn why digestive dysfunction is the #1 underlying cause of most doctors visits, and what you can do to optimize yours! This includes a diet that will support digestive wellness as well as supplements you can take right away to transform yours to an IMMUNE POWERHOUSE.


Environmental toxins are everywhere, and they are negatively affecting your immune system! In fact, that is why the term “immunotoxicty” was developed….to refer to the impaired immune system function due to excessive toxins in the body. Environmental toxicity is a growing problem in our modern world, and it can harm anyone of any age. During this week you will learn how to clean up your environment to best reduce your exposure to reduce the burden on your immune system. You will learn what foods best support detox and supplements that you can take to clean you up inside and out. Not only will you feel great with less toxicity, you will look great and will have the immune system you always wanted!


The topic of the century! Everyone wants to know about how to protect themselves or their loved ones from this novel virus. Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this week, you will learn about the 4 phases of COVID and what you can do to support your immune system in all 4 phases. This includes diet and supplements, and you will receive a COVID-19 prevention, treatment and post-COVID protocol to prevent the notorious Long Haul. We will also discuss long haul, who is at risk for it, what you can do if you dip into long haul and things you can do now to prevent that from happening. This will be a very informative week you don’t want to miss!

Start your VIVA Immune Challenge today!

Quickly optimize your immune system.
Simple solutions.
Discover freedom.
Covid Roadmap.
30 days VIVA immune challenge.


 Start your VIVA Immune Challenge today!

Quickly optimize your immune system.
Simple solutions.
Discover freedom.
Covid Roadmap.
30 days VIVA immune challenge.

What to expect after VIVA Immune Challenge.


Understand your Immune system in a way your doctor never explained

No longer confused about what interventions to take to improve your Immune system

Learn why you may be so inflamed!

Learn what foods to eat and what to avoid

Learn about how your immune system is tied to your other conditions and pain, and how foods you eat can effect your condition.

Learn about how your genetic predisposition can affect your immune system.

Identify nutrient imbalances and how they are deeply tied to your natural defenses against pathogens

Learn about how mindset, stress and trauma are contributing to your condition and how to reverse the effects that they have on your body.

Feel empowered to eat healthy in away that motivates you to share it with your friends and family

Live your life the Viva Immune way forever!

You can go from this problem…

To this outcome…

Your doctors have let you down

You are overwhelmed by information overload.

You don't know what labs to run to identify areas of immune optimization personalized for you

You are afraid to go outside or socialize for fear of "catching a virus"

Finally in control of your health, and reduced doctor visits as a result.

You are empowered with the information you need to drastically boost your immune system as you can finally live without fear.

Find out what labs are best for you to look inside your own immune potentials so you can identify area of improvement

Live your best vibrant life, FREE from fear, by building up your own powerhouse immune system

Finally get the right answers

and results you want.

Sprout into the best version of yourself

with our help.

Drastically transform your health

and feel the best you ever have

The VIVA Immune Challenge

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