From our Clients

Here are just some of our client testimonials. 

“Unlike other doctors I have worked with, Mandy understood IC/PBS and all of the conditions that are associated with it. Other doctors would be aware of some of these things, but they don’t know IC like Mandy does. Her knowledge is impressive and comforting as a patient. She is far more knowledgeable than anyone I have ever worked with. If you are ready to take control of your health, then work with IC Healer and you will see amazing progress!”

Sarah H.

“Working with Dr. Mandy for my bladder and other health issues was the best thing I did for myself. She understands IC/BPS and the intricacies of it. Other doctors I have been to have failed to help me, merely giving me medication to mask my symptoms. Dr. Mandy found my root cause with lab testing and helped put me in remission! Dr. Mandy has given me my life back.”

Marilen F.

“Mandy has been nothing short of a blessing for me! When I came to Mandy, I was dealing with bladder pain, urethral burning, frequent UTI’ss and constant flares ups after eating. Mandy helped me find my root cause through scientific testing and helped me get into remission. Mandy is the ONLY person I recommend to help you get to your root cause so you can reduce your pain and have a better quality of life.”

Niki V.

“When I first found IC Healer, I was at a pretty low point in my IC journey. I was scared, burned out, and confused. Dr. Mandy was a huge blessing for me at a time when I needed it most and I am deeply grateful for all the support she gave me from helping me identify the right tests to take, being so thorough in your analysis of the results, explaining things to me in different ways, and for her willingness to be flexible with my healing goals. Thank you Dr. Mandy for sticking with me. You were a real partner and, genuinely, a godsend.”


“I am very thankful for Mandy and how much she cares and for her knowledge. Before you, I can count on two hands the number of doctors I’ve seen trying to figure out this condition. Not one, not even the functional medicine or the holistic doctors I saw, made the connection between mind and body. I understand from your report that there is more to my condition, but for me this connection is huge. I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. THANK YOU!!”

Sharon H.

“Mandy is awesome always available on practice better extremely knowledgeable in the condition and very detailed in collecting information and figuring out the next steps. Her goal is to get to the root cause and not mask the illness. She understands the root cause and how it affects not only the bladder but the entire body.”

Andrea A.

“Four months into my IC/BPS journey I found Mandy. She has helped me so much with information, testing, and being there to answer all my questions. She has clinical and academic knowledge, and is not afraid to learn and research when she is not sure of something. Mandy also has IC and is very understanding and sympathetic. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her knowledge and guidance! To be pain-free is a wonderful thing!”

Sami M.

“First & foremost, Mandy is an excellent listener. She is as compassionate about my healing as she is knowledgeable about how to get me there. Mandy explored my gut health issues, my thyroid health, and food allergies/sensitivities and she helped me understand scientifically why my problems are occurring. My relationship with food has changed for the better and I no longer struggle with my eating disorder. “

Lauri V.

“For six years, I felt the CONSTANT urethral urge to urinate. Going from doctor to doctor, all that was handed to me were pills and invasive procedures, which never really helped. No one, including myself, could understand what was causing this unrelenting, life-altering sensation. Within ONE month of working with Dr. Mandy, I for the first time in six years felt RELIEF. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with Dr. Mandy, she honestly gave me back my life!”

Amanda C.

“Working with Dr. Mandy not only put my IC into remission, but also opened my eyes to the importance of holistic health. With the root cause investigation, I was able to see exactly what was going on with my body that lead to my bladder symptoms. Unlike other doctors, with Dr. Mandy, I learned to work with my body not against it in order to reach an overall healthier self.”

Jillian C.

“There aren’t enough words to say how much I appreciate Dr. Mandy and the IC Healer Coaching Program. Having just completed the program, I’m hopeful about the future. So much information is available in this program! More sound advice and information than I’ve gotten from urologist, physical therapist and pelvic floor health doctors. Feeling in control of my IC helps me finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve learned so much about healthy eating, healing supplements, food triggers, oxalates, stress and genetics.The IC Healer Coaching Program has provided me with exceptional tools that will help me find the Root Cause of my IC. Thanks to Dr. Mandy, I am grateful, positive and hopeful.”

Suzie S.